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TiCon Restaurant Equipment Company is a continuation of MarCo Supply Company, founded by Tom Costello Senior in 1953 in Santa Rosa, California. Since TiCon's formation in 1985 it has specialized solely in the pizza equipment industry. TiCon's primary principal, Tim Costello has personally designed, sold and installed over 1,000 pizza restaurants and has first hand operational experience in the pizza industry. We have provided this information to our website visitors so they may gain a better understanding of TiCon's history and its goals for the future. Feel free to contact us to learn more about TiCon.

Tim Costello started delivering beer mugs to pizza restaurants in the San Francisco bay area at the tender age of 16 as an employee for MarCo Supply. He's been in and out of pizza kitchens for more than 33 years and still loving every minute of it. You can find him traveling throughout North America, installing pizza ovens and delivering satisfaction to TiCon's large client base most days of the week.  
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When Tim finally decides to take time off you can find him at the Talkeetna Roadhouse. This charming original Alaskan roadhouse offers breakfast the size of grizzly bears and beds as comfortable as a mountain climbers dream. The Talkeetna Roadhouse uses TiCon supplied ovens for all their baking needs of which they serve their World Famous Cinnamon Rolls.
  Jake is an 8 Year old Jack Russell Terrier that many of TiCon's existing clients know and love. He travels with us for some of our installation trips and can usually be found chasing squirrels. He is a founding member of the 'PizzaTesters', a group dedicated to the sampling of all the various pies cooked in TiCon installed ovens. If dogs are Man's Best Friend, then Jake is truly the Pizza Ovens Best Friend.
Jake . . .
The Pizza Vane
The PizzaVane was designed and created by the late TiCon employee, Hap Dempel. Constructed with heavy gauge steel tubing and utilizing a Large and Medium pizza pan, The PizzaVane weighs more than 60 pounds and sits atop TiCon's main warehouse in Hopland, California. Washers were welded to the pans as counterbalance and painted red for pepperoni and black for olives. Visitors to our offices marvel at this unique asset - a functional reminder of TiCon's talent past and present.

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