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Oven Facts
There are many advantages to replacing old deck ovens with new conveyorized ovens from TiCon. The information presented here is part of the benefit of over 30 years of experience in the pizza industry. We feel it important to educate the consumer as there are far too many reasons not to replace deck ovens in today's highly competitive marketplace.
Did you know that conveyor ovens are more energy efficient that deck ovens? Its true, conveyor ovens require substantially less time to come to operating temperature and stay there, as they also focus the energy used into heated air forced over the food product, not out a chimney like most deck ovens. Conveyorized Pizza Ovens use gas more efficiently than deck ovens. This translates directly into lower cost of ownership in reduced utility bills.
Have you ever been burned by a deck oven? The rate of accidents directly related to burns from deck ovens is a source of lost employee productivity and injury which can adversely affect worker compensation costs. Conveyor ovens are safer as the heat source is totally enclosed and does not require operators to enter the dangerous oven cooking chamber.
TiCon Ovens.  Don't Get Burned.
You don't have to be the 'Oven Master'. Training any employee is a cost for any business. Its no different in the pizza business. Deck ovens must be monitored closely to bring forth a quality product. Skilled operators are required to maintain a close watch on the products and rotate them to the hot spots of the deck oven. Conveyor ovens assure that when food is done, it's out of the oven. No overcooking or burning. It also assures each item will be cooked for the correct, prescribed time. Diners will enjoy consistent quality every time - independent of the operator.
Simplify the process. Multiple decks of conveyorized ovens allow for extreme efficiency in the kitchen of any operation. Place in house orders in the top oven and carry-out / delivery in the bottom to avoid possibly misfsidentifying and misdelivering products. Deck oven operators must be skilled in identifying the pizzas being cooked. When pizzas are misidentified and delivered, remakes will occur. This results in two pizzas being remade. One for the original order and the other for the misdelivered. Conveyor ovens decrease remakes by 85-90%.
Increase Sales . TiCon has never installed a conveyor oven into an operation where sales have gone down. They have always gone up. In over 30 years installing pizza ovens across the world, the success of TiCon and its products is unrivaled. Fewer remakes equals increased sales, which relate to better profit margins. There is no easier decision to make than replacing a deck oven with a conveyorized TiCon oven.
Value Services
There are a network of Lincoln Factory Certified Service Agents across the United States to perform the installation of your conveyorized oven. These agents insure that the oven is installed to factory specifications and initiate the warranty process for your new equipment. Find your Service Agent.
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